Vee van der Merwe

Makeup artist

I work diligently on all my projects, articulating in the finer detail, which sets me apart from most of my competitors. Never settling for second best, and always delivering on my promise.


There are quite a few, but those that stand out most for me are “’The Ford Model Look of the Year”’, “The Miss Rave”, “OK Gold Cup”’, “The J & B Met”,  the past finalists in “Miss South Africa Competition, ” plus “The Rothmans July” . . .after winning different categories in the Rothmans over three years, I travelled  (as part of my first prize) twice to Paris where I extended my fashion and beauty experience while there.

Styling & Photography

Model: The model illustrated in photographs on the website is not a professional model.

Styling: Styling,makeup,dresses accessories, headgear are all services and products provided by Pout.

Photography: Jean Rossouw is the featured photographer, but POUT adds supporting photographs to the gallery

Partners & Service Providers


In alliance with Photographer Jean Rossouw. For more information you can contact 076 556 4012 or Instagram @jeanrossouwza


In alliance with Winelands Aesthetic & Medical. Dr Joseph J Huskisson has been practising medicine at Stellenbosch Square since the inception of his private practice in 2006. For more information contact 021 880 2881 or visit www.winelandsmedical.co.za